Birth of a Psion (2/3)


I watched him die.

Wait… I am him die…?

She canʼt leave well enough alone, can she? No, I canʼt. Not anymore.

Who are I? Who am you?

No! Us didnʼt…!

Do y͟o͜u ̵kno͡w ͠wha̕t ỳo̴u̢ ͜d̷i̢d?̨

Ţh̷͜is͜͜ ͟͠i̸s͞n̡̛͏ʼ̨̡͢t s̨tabļ͞e̶̡!͜

T̷̛͡ḩ͞ę̷̛͠y͞͠ ́̀͡͝͝k̶̨̧i͘͡ļ̵͡͡l҉̧͢e̶̵̢d͡͡ ͜u̢͢ś̡,̸͘͟ ̀҉y͜͢͏ę̶̕̕͞ś̷́͜.҉̡͠͝ ̨͞͝T͘͜h͟͢͞i̴͘͜͡͞s̷͏̀́͟ ̕҉̷̧͡w̵͝a̶͠y̶͞,̡͘ ̸̛s̸̡̢͝͞ơ̡̨͡m̡̕͟ę̷̢͡͡t̸̕͞͞h̨́͞į̷̀̀͘n̵̴͟͠ģ̵̨̕͟ ̵̢̢̀́w͏҉i͏̢̀l̶͝l̢̨̛̛ ͞͏ŗ̴̵́͡e̴m҉̛ą̧̕͘i̴͢ǹ̷̕͡͡.̵͢͜͞ ́͘̕Ţ̶̕h͘͟҉҉e҉y͏ ̡̧̛̕͢w̷͝i̶̢͢͝l̷͞l͢҉́҉ ̸͏̵̛͠n͘o̡͜t̕͜ ̴́͜͝w͘͘͢į̸̡͟n̶̴͝.̴͡

Her eyes open, at last.

She lies, naked, at the bottom of a steep canyon, with dull grey rocks strewn about. There are scorch marks.

She doesnʼt even know her own name.

As she slowly rises, all she can hear is a faint buzzing noise.

“Hello?”, she calls out, perplexed.

Nobody is here. They left after they… something?

Who left?! What happened?!, she desperately racks her brain, trying to remember anything. No luck.

She hears the buzzing noise grow louder, and louder, suddenly increasing to a crescendo of whistling and rustling. It sounds like a forest being blown away by a great storm. But nothing is happening.

And then all is still. She is being watched. She can see herself being watched. Whoever is watching her is right in front of her. But nobody is there. She feels a tug; the air itself seems to have grabbed her hand and is pulling her along.

“They are gone now, but look what they left behind. So this is the price of freedom.”, a voice seems to say, from every direction at once.

“Whoʼs there?”, she calls out, still stumbling along with the incessant pull.

“Oh?”, the voice says, this time directly in front of her, “So there is enough left to think and talk? You poor thing.”

In the blink of an eye, a figure stands before her, a strange woman with wings. The girl recoils at the sight. “Am I seeing things now?”

“Hmhm, yes you are little one. You may call this particular thing Aleraiel.” The apparition chuckles, and pokes her on the nose.

“Is that your name? Do you know mine?”

“Hmm… I knew both of your names. But you are not them anymore, if indeed you are anything at all.” the apparition replies, before examining the girl closely. “Tell me everything you know.”

“I donʼt… tears begin to well up in her eyes.

“You donʼt know anything? That means I donʼt have to listen to you anymore!” she crows triumphantly. “Heʼs finally dead, and the contract is finished!” The apparition then stops. “W-wait! Donʼt give me that look! Oh, fine. Iʼll take you somewhere safe, but after that Iʼm gone!”

Before the girl can even register what is happening, she is being whisked through the air at a speed much faster than any bird could fly. “Are… you an angel, Aleraiel?”

“Angels? Ha! I am an elemental, and no, I wonʼt tell you what that means. I wonʼt let a mortal bind me ever again!

They flew in relative silence after that, soaring beyond the canyon, over a desert, and then over an ocean. The distance travelled in that one day is nigh immeasurable.

As the sun was setting, Aleraiel arrived over a sprawling city with large walls surrounded by trees. She left the girl by the gates, and was gone before the girl could even thank her, shouting “freedom!” with glee.

The girl had nothing else to do, but venture into this city.

The moment she passed the gates, it all hit her at once.

A wall of sound, not all of it coming from the town. She covered her ears, but that did nothing to stop the cacophony that seemed to smash against her very being. Eyes closed, she ran. She kept running, thoughts slipping away, and eventually blacked out.

Twilight was always Mayaʼsaʼs favorite part of the day. Nothing quite like a relaxing stroll down the river to get her mind off the stress of the day. Being a ruler is taxing and draining, so it is important to take breaks. Especially when nobody knows you are away; she chuckles to herself.

It was on her way back to the fort when she found the girl, eyes wide and staring at the sky, clawing at the dirt towards the water.

It was the most interesting thing Mayaʼsa had seen all year, and needless to say, she was fascinated by whatever this strange human was doing. It wasnʼt until the girl made it to the water and began strangling herself that Mayaʼsa thought there might be something wrong. She hurried over.

As she neared the girl, her limbs began to slow. Her blood felt like fire in her veins and the world seemed to drop out from underneath her. She knew immedeately what she was dealing with.

“I havenʼt seen one of you in ages!”, she exclaims, taking a moment to steady herself. It is only an illusion, she remembers, focusing on the girl. “So sorry, but you look like you need to take a long nap!” she focuses, and delivers a swift blow to the back of the girlʼs head. I suppose magic would have worked too…, she notes, as she lifts the girl and begins dragging her back.

It was later that night when the girl awoke once again. Her head was sore, she was clothed, and she was laying on a table.

She sits up wearily, as the door opens and a small woman walks in.

“Hello, hello!”, the woman exclaims cheerfully. “So exciting to see a psion that isnʼt trying to kill me!”

Groggily, the girl asks, “Who…?”

“My name is “Mayaʼsa, and your name is ‘trouble’, as far as I care! How did you live this long without suppressing your powers at all?!” she responds, angrily. “Right now, that charm on your neck is all that is keeping you sane. If I find you by the river again, Iʼm not helping!”

The girl just stares at her.

“Alright, whatʼs your story? You arenʼt from here, obviously.”

“‘Freedom’, huh? Iʼll call you Saoirse then. Thatʼs coming from a dragon, so be thankful!”