Saoirse, made using an avatar maker.

General Info

Human Psion
End all war and suffering. Or at least come pretty close.


5 feet, 9 inches
Hair Color
Black (110911)
Neck-length, thick, straight hair.
Eye Color
Left eye teal (2C829E), right eye pale violet (695A9F)
Fair (has a scar over her right eye)
Lean, somewhat skinny. No noticeable muscle tone.
B-cup (has a nasty scar on left breast)
Skin Color
Pale (FCF8DC)


  • A gray cloak woven from some sort of metallic thread normally covers everything. She usually takes it off indoors. It is her favorite item of clothing, woven by a master craftsdwarf for her. It is light and extremely durable. There is also a dagger that slips in a strap on the back. This is all the armor she needs; nothing except blunt force and electricity goes through it.
    • A plain black cotton shirt that is tucked in/buttons to her leggings to eliminate loose fabric. There are small buckles around the shoulders, chest, and waist that can be tightened to make it mostly skintight. (Skintight fabric doesnʼt rustle)
      • B-cup. Just ties a silk band around things to hold them in place. She likes silk.
  • Cotton gloves. They only cover her palms and fingers, and are not very soft. Really only for avoiding rope burn.
    • A ring consisting of a plain band of some strange, dark metal. A “good” “luck” charm.
  • Long cotton skirt. Ankle-length. Appears to be part of her shirt, but slips right off if the situation calls for stealth or quick movement.
    • Black cotton leggings. Tucked in/buttoned onto shoes. Small buckles on the legs can be tightened to make them mostly skintight.
      • Simple silk panties. (Duh.)
  • Simple black leather moccassins. She prefers to feel the ground directly instead of having bulky shoes in the way.
  • Donʼt forget her sword!




Birth of a Psion 2/2
Where she came from.
The Deal
Saoirse meets a failed demon and makes a friend.