The Descent

With a yawn, Saoirse wakes.

There is a moment of confusion when she sees herself lying next to her, but as a predatory grin appears on her twinʼs face, she remembers.

While the demon can create fire, there is nothing there to burn. Instead, they elected to sleep together beneath Saoirseʼs cloak; sharing the copious amount of body heat produced by her new, infernal companion.

As she readjusts the cloak, she looks out over the mountain. The blizzard has subsided, and the sky is clear. She is near the top, about 570 feet up. This particular mountain is 720 feet tall (with an elevation of 4,931 feet). It is known to the locals as the “White Wall”.

The White Wall is situated at the border between the Third Kingdom and their closest neighboring nation, Rún. Rúnʼs side is covered in snow, and filled with ledges and cliffs. Climbing up is very difficult, but allowed Saoirse to pass by the checkpoint. The other side of the mountain is a gentle terraced slope covered in soil. At the base, the land has been carved into terraces to make more farmland. All that is left to do is circle the mountain and begin the descent. With a demon in tow.

Saoirse turns to said demon. “I donʼt suppose you can fly?”

“Can you?” the demon replies. “You do not have wings, and I am stuck like this.”

“Well, I suppose we will be doing it the fun way… Come on; we donʼt have the luxury of time!

The demon starts off after Saorise, as the two begin the slow walk towards the other side of the mountain. Saoirse leaves faint footprints in the snow, which are quickly consumed as it melts beneath the demonʼs feet. As they are walking, the demon asks:

“Do you have any idea where you are going?”

“Nope!” comes Saoirseʼs cheeky reply. “But I know that Iʼll get there~”

The demon is, once again, puzzled. “Why do you know you will? Why donʼt I&emdash;